Commemorative Reefs, as unique as life itself…


For centuries, many have been drawn to the sea

What a perfect way to commemorate a special person or remember a loved one by creating an artificial reef in their honor.

Create an everlasting memory, with a living eternal reef

About our reef module

The memorial reef module consists of an 8′ Florida Limestone artificial reef that is a 6,000 lb. concrete structure built to withstand storm events. Each module has a 10′ footprint and is designed to prevent settling and scouring. The limestone rock gives it a greater surface area and complexity which attracts marine life. Modules include a personalized granite plaque.

Choose right by choosing a memorial reef

  • Over time, your reef will evolve to become its own unique marine habitat
  • Create a “Family Reef” site
  • Customize your experience
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly



Create a custom reef!

Build a custom reef to commemorate or honor that special person in your life. Build a living reef for your community service organization, fishing club, family and more.

Available options include:

  • Loved ones ashes can be mixed into the concrete when the reef module is created.
  • Custom granite memorial plaque
  • Offshore memorial or celebration service to view the reef deployment
  • Reef placement to be placed in a region of your choice
  • Name your reef
  • Photos and/or video of your reef, during and post deployment.

We can provide you with a custom memorial that will satisfy the needs and wishes of your group, family and loved ones.